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A TRIP Down the Red Carpet

Posted on Mar 10, 2014


The red carpet usually embodies elegance and grace, but that wasn’t so for one unlucky celeb.  For the second year in a row, actress Jennifer Lawrence tripped at an award show!  Last year Lawrence tripped up the stairs as she accept her Best Actress statuette at the 2013 Academy Awards for her turn in “Silver Linings Playbook.”

As if one famous stumble wasn’t enough, the 'American Hustle' star tripped on the red carpet while exiting her limo at the 2014 Oscars.  While last year’s trip was only captured in a memento photograph (see below), this year’s fall was captured during an E! livestream of the event.  As Lawrence tripped, she reached out and grabbed the person in front of her, nearly pulling the woman down with her!



The actress laughed the fall off, but was lucky she did not hurt herself! Falls can be very serious and are a common problem we see here at Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates, especially in the frigid winter weather!

When you injure something in a fall, it is very important to perform PRICE therapy to the area:

  • P  - Protect. I recommend using a walking boot, ace bandage, or both to protect feet and ankles.
  • R - Rest. In order for an injury to fully heal, you need to stay off of it and rest for a minimum 24-48 hours.  Soft tissue injuries sometimes take up to 8-10 weeks to fully heal, so it is very important to rest them immediately!
  • I - Ice.  Placing an ice pack to an affected area for 10-15 minutes each hour will decrease the swelling to the area and can help speed up healing.
  • C - Compress.  Wrap the area with an ace bandage or some sort of slight compressive device to minimize swelling.
  • E - Elevate.  Elevation is especially important for feet and ankles because it allows extra fluid to head back up to the heart and will minimize swelling and inflammation.

If you suffer a fall, whether it’s on the red carpet or on the sidewalk, call Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates at 309-661-9975 or schedule an appointment to get back on your feet in no time!