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Best Celeb Feet

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

As you may know, I like to keep up to date on celeb gossip and enjoy perusing celeb gossip sites such as Perez Hilton.  So a website that combines feet with celebs was like a weird dream come true for this podiatrist! I was recently introduced to a website claiming to be “probably the largest celebrity feet database EVER.”  Now I have seen more than my fair share of feet, but this is how the website ranks celeb’s feet:


The ‘hottest’ celebrity feet belong to (drum roll please) … Selena Gomez.




















The second hottest is awarded to Emma Watson.





























The celeb with the least hot feet is Claira Watson Parr- Now I like to think of myself as current with the latest celebs and I hadn’t heard of Claira so after investigation I discovered she is an actress in After Death and Knight Knight (yes, the same word twice…), both in 2012.  Ironically enough, she was also in a 2008 film, Legs 11! If she has the worst celeb feet good thing it wasn’t Feet 11!




One reviewer posted this comment regarding Jennifer Lawrence’s feet: “There really should be a ranking higher than ‘Beautiful.’ Something that quantifies the total integration of beautiful feet on well turned ankles.” This reviewer must really be on ‘foot patrol’!












Mama Cass Elliot, who passed away over 40 years ago, was still ranked on the website as not having pretty feet.  Again after some searching I found Elliot was a singer and a member of The Mama’s and the Papa’s who are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 






The reviews on Quentin Tarantino’s favorite lady, Uma Thurman, are mixed.  Critics range from “Her feet are just amazing, but when she paints her toenails WOW!!!!!” to some not so positive reviews.







Regardless of what your feet look like, the team here at HFAA doesn’t judge.  You (and your feet) are not in a contest and have nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.   Remember- we’re here to help!