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By George! Duchess of Cambridge Hits a Style High

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

No one can escape the excitement of the new royal baby! As Lauren June gets bigger and I have several friends expecting babies, I am reminded about the important advice that I give all of my pregnant patients.  You need a great pair of comfortable, breathable, and sensible shoes.  I am not suggesting that those stylish flats or cute chunky heels are not in your future, but every new mom needs to have a good pair of shoes that will let her feel comfortable as she runs around with her new bundle of joy!

I read a post on www.people.com last week about the Duchess of Cambridge and her new baby boy, Prince George.  She wore very sensible low heeled wedge shoes leaving the hospital with Prince William and the baby.  I can attest that my footwear leaving OSF St. Joseph with Lauren June was a pair of slippers.  Many new moms experience a lot of swelling after birth (no, it doesn’t go away RIGHT away!) and it is mostly because of all the extra fluids we receive while in the hospital. 

I was personally shocked at how swollen my feet were after I had LJ.  It was hard to find something comfortable to wear.  The good news is that most swelling (edema) resolves in a week or two.  My best tips for new moms are below – hopefully you can join Kate Middleton in her cute wedges, but if not, rest assured you will someday soon! 

1.      Bring a pair of shoes to the hospital that are easy to slip on.  This is NOT the time for lace up gym shoes.

2.     Try for a pair with an open back for even more ease getting them on and off.

3.     Breathable, cotton fabrics work best (this was my mistake, I brought my fleece slippers along – and I was very, very hot in them)

At Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates, we have great shoes for new moms and dads (and those kiddos too, once they start wearing them!)  Call 309-661-9975 or stop by with your bundle of joy and we can help you get moving again after your new baby arrives!