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Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly: GAME OVER

Posted on Sep 09, 2011

New York Yankees star Derek Jeter and actress Minka Kelly have ended their relationship after 3 years of dating and dodging engagement rumors.  Kelly will be busy this fall as she stars in ABC’s Charlie’s Angels remake.  Co-star, Ramon Rodriguez, has been spending late nights with the new bachelorette. 

Regardless of the alleged romance between Charlie’s Angels co-stars, Jeter will continue what he does best- play baseball.  Jeter, along with any baseball players, should look out for some common injuries:

  1. Shin Splints– all that starting and stopping while running the bases can really tax your leg muscles.  Make sure you stretch out those muscles for at least 5 minutes before every game and during your team’s ‘at bat’ time if you can.
  2. Turf toe– not just for Football!  Sliding into home plate can cause havoc on those feet and toes.  Be sure not to point your toes into the ground or else you could cause a hyperextension injury like turf toe.  If that happens, ice, elevate, and sit out the rest of the game.
  3. Subungual hematomas– very fancy words for ‘blood blister under the toenail’.  This happens a LOT in baseball when a catch is missed or when the catcher gets your foot as you try to slide into home.  In most cases you can simply watch this bruised area grow out, but if it is painful the best thing to do is come into Heartland Foot and Ankle to have it examined.  Many times the blister simply needs to be drained to relieve the pressure under the nail.

So whether you’re playing in the big leagues like Derek Jeter for the New York Yankees, or just playing in the back yard, remember to look out for these common injuries.  Stop by Heartland Foot and Ankle to get all geared up to PLAY BALL!