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Don't Rush a Broken Bone, like Jessie J!

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

If you have ever hurt your foot, you know how painful it can be.  At HFAA, we have seen some pretty bad injuries to the foot, but we're able to get our patients feeling better.  We treat many different injuries including ankle sprain injuries, broken ankles, fractures, shin slints, and sport injuries.  Boots and walkers help to offload pressure to help promote healing.  We carry many different types of boots: Pneumatic Walkers, Non-Pneumatic Walkers, Velocity Brace, Stretching Splints, and Game Day Braces just to name a few.  Each boot is specifically designed to help get you back on your feet sooner!

Even celebrities suffer foot and ankle injuries.  Singer Jessie J had reconstructive ankle surgery about two years ago and was placed into physical therapy.  The reason she had to go to therapy was to have the bone in her foot put back into proper placement, or in other words 'popped back in'.  She didn’t listen to her doctor's orders to stay off that foot and was in heels soon after the injury seemed to be healed.  Jessie J didn’t want the boot to 'cramp her style' and in turn experienced far more problems with her feet than she would have if she had followed her doctor's orders.  Now Jessie J suffers the consequeences and has to go through the painful process of popping the bone back into place.  While at physicial therapy, she tweeted on her Twitter account: “Come on foot.  I believe in you.  Pop back in and behave!  Ouch!”

If Jessie J would have just listened to her doctor she wouldn’t have had to go through this painful procedure.  If you are victim to a foot or ankle injury, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 309-661-9975. We aim to see emergent patients same or next day.