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Foot Tickler - A True Criminal

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

I am extremely ticklish on my feet.  A whopping 38% of the population is in the same boat.  Those of us who cannot handle tickling need to stay out of Boston, MA for now.  The police department confirmed that there is a ‘serial tickler’ on the loose – breaking into students apartments and tickling their feet.  That’s right…not stealing things, but tickling.  I can’t even think what I would do in that situation!

Hypersensitivity in feet is very common.  This can happen in people who are tickled OR in diabetic patients in the early stages of peripheral neuropathy.  We see a lot of patients who come in with burning, tingling and ‘pins and needles’ feelings in their feet and legs.  This can be like tickling – it feels like something is there, but it may be an early warning sign of diabetes that is out of control.

Treatments for peripheral neuropathy vary depending on the cause and the severity.  There are oral medications, vitamin supplementations (like NeurRx and Neuremedy) and topical medications (Biofreeze Spray) to help with the symptoms.

Most importantly for diabetics - make sure you control your blood sugars.  It will minimize the symptoms of neuropathy.  Most important for Bostonians - lock your doors so you don’t get tickled!!

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