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Giving Back

Posted on Aug 15, 2014

At Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates, we love to be an integral part of our community and participate fully in community outreach.  We sponsor and donate to community events and partners, host our own events for the community, and educate the next generation, opening our doors for shadowing and learning opportunities.  We truly believe that McLean County is a wonderful place to call home and understand the importance of giving back. 

The following are a few ways we have given back recently.

  1. Troop Donations: Around the holidays we are especially thankful for everything in our lives and the people around us…and those not so close.  In November of last year we hosted a troop donation, creating care packages for the U.S. soldiers including hygiene products, non perishable goods, and a personal message.  2013 was the first year we did Troop Donations, but this is a holiday tradition we don’t plan on stopping.  We have even bigger plans for our donation this year!
  2. Sand Bags: As some of you may recall, HFAA suffered severe flooding at the end of February this year.  The team at HFAA really rallied together, hauling gallons of water out of the office, drying off all damaged equipment, and creating a barricade of sandbags across our back door.  While this event was trying for HFAA, we knew good could come of it.  We were able to donate the sandbags to the Habitat for Humanity McLean County, to help others in need.
  3. #MCStrong: The collaboration, camaraderie, and support our community showed when young Michael Collins passed was simply astonishing.  It truly illustrates the power of community.  We were inspired to pay it forward for Michael Collins and anonymously did so.

These are just a few ways that HFAA is giving back.  If you wish to participate, please click on the links above.  Or, if you are interested in a donation or sponsorship from HFAA, please contact our marketing coordinator, Michelle, at [email protected].