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Halle Berry – And the Case of the Walking Boot…

Posted on Sep 23, 2011

It sounds like the beginning of a mystery or comedy that Ms. Berry may be starring in, but in reality, she recently broke her foot while in Italy shooting a film.  Broken bones are certainly no laughing matter!  Fortunately for Halle Berry, she sought out immediate care and is back on track at work – boot and all!

My husband, Scott, had a similar situation occur several years ago.  He had a hairline fracture of his calcaneus (heel bone) in his right foot.  He too went to the ER immediately and was placed into a protective walking boot with limited weightbearing for several weeks.  This is very important in fracture care.  If the break is ‘stable’, or lines up nicely, in many cases the patient will be able to walk in the protective boot.  But if it is displaced at all, weightbearing may be in jeopardy for several weeks while the bone heals – sometimes even surgery is needed to realign the bones correctly.

Some tips if you injure yourself:

  1. Don’t wait to get that xray!!  It’s so important to see what happened to the bones ASAP!
  2. Ice, elevate, and REST until your doctor appt!  Call HFAA and make an appointment right away, we have same day appointments for emergencies just like yours!
  3. Follow doctor instructions – if you walk too much on a broken bone to quickly or without protection, you could be asking for trouble – or surgery!

Here’s to a safe “FALL”!