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Jamie Foxx Bares It All

Posted on Aug 08, 2013

Actor and manly man Jamie Foxx was spotted on the beach of Saint-Tropez earlier last month. Jamie was taking a well-deserved break after he finished filming a role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and providing his voice for the animated movie Rio 2. With all his hard work lately, I bet he enjoyed the time off.

Photographers snapped shots of Jamie walking on the beach pier without his shoes on. At the beach, we all want to relax and enjoy ourselves, but it is still very important to maintain proper foot health. Walking around the beach without your shoes can actually be quite hazardous.

Dr. Melissa Lockwood, our podiatrist here at Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates, always recommends shoes at the beach. Going barefoot leaves your feet open to debris and sharp objects on the sand. If you get a cut, there is bacteria and fungus everywhere. It is better to protect your feet with a nice, strong, supportive sandal like our Dr. Comfort brand, which are available for both men and women.

Wearing a supportive sandal is better for your feet, especially walking on the sand. While your frolic around the beach, the uneven sand can cause you to get off balance. Sandals ensure you step evenly and don’t accidently roll your ankle.

If you would like any help choosing supportive sandals this summer, stop by Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates or call us at 309-661-9975. On your next beach vacation Jamie Foxx, get some proper shoes!