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Kim Kardashian Sacrifices Feet for Fashion…

Posted on May 30, 2013

When I had Lauren June in 2012 I certainly felt the pain of swollen feet during my pregnancy.  I was lucky that she was born in February and most of the swelling occurred during the winter months.  But what about those ladies who are just about due and having to deal with swelling in the summer months?  Lucky for them, there ARE options and not all of them include shoving our poor feet into tight high heels for lunch with Kayne West!

People look at celebrity fashion choices all the time, and poor Kim Kardashian is no exception.  Her maternity “style” has been chronicled for the past few months in great detail.  Now, however, everyone is noticing the reality star’s FEET and the shoes she is wearing for everyday events.  Perez Hilton recently documented two separate instances where Kim seems to spill out of her shoes due to normal pregnancy swelling. You can read them here and here.  Even “Suri Cruise” got into the action, commenting on Kim’s Givenchy heels that she wore last week.

The GOOD news for Kim is that she CAN have it all – comfort and fashion!  There are a lot of sandals and shoes out there specifically designed to help accommodate swelling – including our very own Sandalista line from Aetrex and our NEW comfort heels from Dr. Comfort!  Adjustable straps and breathable fabrics (NOT plastic Kim!!) are the key!  If you are having swelling in your feet and legs, pregnancy or otherwise, contact Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates right away so we can give your feet a treat in some great fashion choices and colors!   We are here to help!