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NY Jets Mark Sanchez Toenail Removed

Posted on May 20, 2014

Toenail removal is something most people experience at some point in their life.  Our Front Office Coordinator, Amy, experienced it when she was a child.  Her bedroom door caught her toenail and lifted it off the nail bed.  She had the toenail removed to prevent infection and further injury.

Last fall New York Jets veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez had to have his nail removed due to an infection.  NFL.com reported that Jets quarterback coach David Lee said Sanchez really hadn’t complained about the toenail and it hadn’t visibly affected any footwork. Even though there may be no visible pain, that doesn’t mean there isn’t visible infection. His toenail was severely yellow and crumbling, common signs of toenail infection, and immediate removal was necessary so the infection could be removed.  Without removing the infection, Sanchez could have lost a toe, foot, or even a leg.  Any limb loss would obviously be detrimental to his career.  Just like Sanchez, anyone who is experiencing toenail discoloration with or without pain should get it looked at immediately!

At Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates, we remove toenails on a regular basis.  The procedure starts by injecting Lidocane, a local anesthetic, into the toe to numb it.  Once the toe is completely numb, the toenail is detached from the sides and cuticle, and will typically come right off.  After the toenail is removed, we bandage up the area and send the patient home with an Amerigel Post Op Surgical Kit. This all in one kit includes Amerigel Wound Wash, Amerigel Wound Dressing, gauze pads and bandages for at home post operative care of the surgical site.  We also recommend that patients use  a Dr. Jill’s Gel Toe Cap to keep the toe dry while bathing.  We will schedule a follow up visit to make sure that the area is healing properly.

If you are suffering from an infected toenail or one that has been removed from the nail bed due to trauma, please don’t hesitate to call at 309.661.9975 and set up an appointment for removal!