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Something Sounds Fishy...

Posted on Jan 16, 2014

Have you heard of the pedicures involving the fish that eat the dead skin off the bottom of your feet? Does that sound like a relaxing, sanitary pedicure to you?  Kim Kardashian definitely did not think so!  On a May episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Kim and her family went to a trendy Grecian spa and tried the fishy pedicure.  See a video and her reaction here.  

In the state of Illinois there are no guidelines or procedures for this type of pedicure but I’m not quite sure how you would even regulate such a thing! How do we know the fish are sanitary?  How do you know they aren’t carrying bacteria around to infect our feet with?  In order to regulate this, you would almost have to test the fish in a lab before you could even bring them in the salon, let alone let them eat the dead skin off your feet.

At Healing Steps Spa we are different from all the spas in town, but there is nothing “fishy” about us!  We are a safe, sterile, spa that specializes in the healing and wellness of your feet in a personalized atmosphere.  While we don’t use little fish, we do use all organic, nontoxic products including Dr.’s Remedy and Gilden Tree, which are even safe for use on children and pregnant women (like Ms. Kardashian was at the time of her fish pedicure).  You can relax knowing that we only take one appointment at a time and you will never feel rushed or as if your time is not valuable to us.

Make an appointment today and see the Healing Steps Spa difference!  Call 309.661.9975 today to make your appointment and see the Healing Steps Spa different.