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Sons of Anarchy Season Premier- A Hit!

Posted on Sep 08, 2011

Thousands of households across the country enjoyed the season premier of the hit FX drama series Sons of Anarchy (SOA) on Tuesday night.  The show is about the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club running the small fictional town of Charming, California.

Between celebrating births and marriages, retaliating against other gangs, and getting in and out of prison the boys are at heart motorcycle enthusiasts.  Here at Heartland we have some motorcycle lovers too- Natalie Clarenson, a medical assistant, and Dr. Lockwood are both familiar with bikes.  Natalie purchased an 883 Super Low Harley for her husband Logan once he returned from a 1 year deployment in Egypt.  Dr. Lockwood’s father loved riding his candy apple red 95th Anniversary Ultra-Glide Classic Harley.

Being in the podiatry field we want to make sure all our riders are equipped with proper foot wear while enjoying the open road.   Some of these tips are just for feet, but some are general safety rules.  These are our top 5 tips for a great SAFE ride this fall:

  1. Always wear closed toed shoes – steel toes are the best!!  Remember, like Fred Flinstone, you are USING your feet to help stabilize you as you stop at lights.  Wearing flip flops and open toed shoes is basically asking for a visit to the podiatrist– for road burn, broken toes, or worse.  And if you get into an accident, you want your feet to be especially protected!
  2. Always wear sunscreen – when you’re out on rides and especially on cement your body can be burned so easily! More importantly wear long pants to protect your legs (again, in case of injury).  Dr. Lockwood’s father, Jim, would never let his daughters on the Harley if they weren’t wearing their jeans!
  3. Controversial – but wear that helmet!  Yes, Harley guys have the freedom to choose, but please choose wisely.  We don’t want to fix a broken foot, but it IS easier than a broken head or neck!!
  4. Check your riding shoes for wear patterns – depending on how you steady yourself on that HOG, you might be causing excessive damage to the outside of your boots .  If you are riding more than twice a week, you should replace your boots every 6 months – sooner if you are able to get out on the open road even more!
  5. Remember to have fun and be safe!  Our family motto is “always watch for bikers!”  Sadly, not enough motorists do – so remember to wear light colored clothing so you can be seen easily and to obey the rules of the road (because not everyone does!).

If you want Dr. Lockwood to check out your riding boots you can schedule an appointment online or by calling 309-661-9975.  HFAA even offers extra depth riding boots to assure a comfortable safe ride!  And these boots qualify for the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program. So stop by Heartland Foot and Ankle to cruise down the open road- just like Jackson Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) on FX’s Sons of Anarchy!