The Right Foot… Massage

by | Feb 18, 2016

The team here at HFAA loves comfort just as much as we love feet and were here to give some tips to help improve your innocent fun!  This toe-curling rub is sure to release the stress of the workday.

  • Grab a bowl, fill it with warm water and sliced limes.  This will be where the feet rest. 
  • Begin by turning each ankle left and then right, back and forth, gently. 
  • Apply their favorite lotion (try some Aloe Grande from HFAA), and with each foot, take both hands and walk your thumbs back and forth over the soles of the feet, deeply. 
  • Beneath the ball of the foot, move your thumbs in semicircles.
  • With your thumbs on opposite sides of the sole, slide them towards each other and the opposite side of the foot to the heal. 
  • Interlace your fingers, rest them on the top of the foot and place the thumbs on the sole.  Slide your hands up and down over the whole foot. 
  • Slide your fingers down the channels between each metatarsal (or the long bones on the top of the foot). 
  • On the ankle, find where the muscle meets the bone and slide your thumb along this line all the way the shin. 

There’s nothing else that says “I love you” better, right?  Stop by HFAA to pick up some soaking crystals and lotion to help! 


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