Corns & Calluses

a foot with a callus on then bottom of it

Do You Have One Of These Common Skin Issues?

The skin and nails on your feet are put to the test every day. Your skin and nails are exposed to many outside threats, from rubbing against your shoes to the bacteria on the ground. In addition to making your toenails and skin look unsightly, these threats can also cause you pain. In serious cases, they could lead to an infection.

Corns & Calluses

Friction on the bottom or sides of your feet can hurt your skin. To protect areas with frequent friction, your feet may form a corn or a callus. These are hardened pieces of skin that protect the nerves from other more serious conditions, such as ulcers, sores, or blisters.

Without treatment, your calluses and corns might grow and overdevelop. Over time, this can make walking more painful. When you step on the corn or callus, you might experience a painful, burning sensation.

Do not try to remove your corns and calluses at home by shaving or cutting them. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lockwood to remove a corn or callus safely and sanitarily.

Restore Your Pride In Your Feet

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