Heel & Arch Pain

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Is Heel Pain Serious?

While heel pain isn’t life-threatening, it does take away the quality of life—especially if you enjoy being active or simply having options for how you spend your time.

What does it mean if you can’t put weight on your heel?

Plus, the purpose of pain is to indicate existing health threats. Left unaddressed, these problems can become worse with every passing day.

This means, yes, we’re talking about a serious concern!

So when should you see a doctor—like Drs. Lockwood—for heel pain?

If your heel hurts, contact us for professional care at the earliest possible opportunity. Doing so can prevent an even bigger problem from developing.

Plantar fasciitis

How Can You Get Rid of the Pain in Your Heel?

Now that you know heel pain is something you should have treated, you probably wonder what can be done about it, right?

Well, we have some good news:

An overwhelming majority of cases are successfully treated with conservative care (and do NOT need surgery)!

Our overall goal for nonsurgical heel pain treatment is to heal the injured tissue—typically an Achilles tendon or plantar fascia—responsible for your suffering.

What Are Some Heel Pain Treatment Options?

Naturally, the specifics of your customized treatment plan depend on a variety of factors. Here are some possible options:

  • Traditional methods. Particularly for cases caught in earlier stages, you might benefit from rest, icing, medication, lifestyle changes, and physical therapy.
  • Custom orthotics. When the pain is caused by structural issues and/or improper weight distribution, orthotic devices may be part of the solution. These customized medical devices slide easily into shoes and provide cushioning, support, and correction for your unique feet.
  • Laser therapy. This is an advanced treatment option we’re proud to offer at HFAA. As the name implies, this technique uses specifically calibrated laser energy to stimulate your body’s natural repair processes and increase nutrient-rich blood flow to the injured area.
  • Heel pain surgery. As noted earlier, surgery is only recommended for rare cases—but it is still a possible option. If this is the recommended course of action, we will cover all the respective pros and cons so you’re able to make the best decision.

You can learn EVEN MORE useful information in our free book!!

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Why Should You Choose HFAA?

When it comes to heel pain treatment, you have options. Here are some reasons why HFAA is a great choice:

  • Our experience. We’ve helped many others who had been suffering overcome the pain and difficulty—and we’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.
  • Our technology. If you’d like to overcome your heel pain as quickly as possible, you might be interested in learning more about laser therapy for heel pain.
  • Our commitment to providing exceptional foot care for your whole family. Heel pain is a condition that can happen to virtually anyone who uses their feet. No matter which of your family members needs treatment, we can help!
  • Our transparency. We are open and honest with you about every possible facet of your HFAA experience. As an example, you can see how much heel pain treatment costs here.

Ready to Put Your Heel Pain in the Past?

There’s no need to keep suffering—especially not when the HFAA team is here for you!

Remember, we’re talking about a condition that is both highly treatable and prone to becoming worse if untreated.

So take the next step towards getting the relief you deserve:

Call us and schedule your appointment today!

Pricing Information

Heel Pain

Initial Visit
  • Examination and evaluation by the physician – $249.00
  • X-Rays – $322.00
  • Ultrasound (as needed of the soft tissues) – $138.00
  • Cortisone Injection – $356.00
  • Stretching Splint (to help avoid physical therapy!) – $325.00
  • Custom Foot orthotics (to keep it from coming back!) – $699.00
  • Ultraflex, Powerstep inserts, Theraband Kit – $99.99
Follow-up visits (Most Require 1-3 Visits)
  • Examination and evaluation by physician  $147.00
  • Laser Therapy (as needed) – $499.00
  • Physical Therapy (as needed) – (sent out of office)