Custom Orthotics Outgrowth Program For Kids

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Orthotics are often thought of as treatment exclusively for adults with lots of “hard” miles and wear and tear on their arches. However, that’s simply not the case!

In fact, kids can often benefit from orthotics more often than you might imagine. While it’s true that their feet are still growing, and many kids don’t even develop a permanent arch until age 6 or 7, it’s also true that structural and biomechanical foot problems are often inherited, and may become apparent very early in life.

Whether you’re 6, 16, or 60 years old, your feet should have the comfort and support they need to be active and enjoy the day. And when they’re being held back by pain or instability, a set of orthotics is often the ideal solution.

Making Custom Orthotics For Kids Affordable: Introducing The Custom Orthotics Outgrowth Program

A child needs custom orthotics for, essentially, the same reasons an adult would need them. Their feet aren’t quite working as intended and require extra support, cushioning, motion control, and/or stability to operate correctly.

You can consider glasses as a good parallel. Sometimes even very young children need to wear corrective eyewear!

However, there’s one obvious struggle when it comes to kids wearing orthotics: their feet are still growing! While an adult may be able to expect 3-5 years (or more, in some cases) of life out of a single set of custom orthotics, children can outgrow theirs on an annual basis—if not sooner.

That’s why Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates put together our Orthotics Outgrowth Program!

This is a handy plan that can save you a ton of money on custom orthotics for your little one, and ensure their feet always get the proper amount of support.

Here’s how it works:

  • Children under age 13 are eligible to enroll in the program.
  • The first set of orthotics is provided at a regular price.
  • For a period of 3 years, any and every time your child outgrows their current pair, we’ll replace it for just $99.

That’s it! It doesn’t matter how many times your child outgrows their orthotics, or how many growth spurts they go through. Just take your little one in once their old pair is getting too small, and we’ll be happy to take new measurements and order another pair!

Will My Child Need Orthotics Forever?

Parents are often concerned when they find out their little ones need custom orthotics. Will they need to wear them for the rest of their lives? Kids, too, may be sensitive about treatments that make them “different” or are inconvenient.

The truth is that how long your child needs orthotics will depend on their unique circumstances. Sometimes, the need for orthotics is only temporary, and as your child’s feet and legs continue to develop and strengthen, they will “grow out” of needing them. For other kids, however, a genetically inherited foot structure will not significantly improve on its own and will require wearing orthotics indefinitely.

But don’t be afraid! Again, it’s useful to think of wearing glasses or contacts as a comparable set of circumstances. Many kids get glasses in grade school and wear them for the rest of their lives—and that’s okay!

It may be the same with orthotics. While it’s a small extra step they’ll have to take when they put their shoes on in the morning, pretty soon it becomes second nature. And over the years, orthotics are ultimately a very low-cost and relatively hassle-free way to ensure a lifetime of healthy, happy feet and unrestricted physical activity!

Your Little One Deserves Full Support!

There’s nothing more joyful than watching your child jump, run, laugh, play, and have no trouble keeping up with their friends. As podiatrists, nothing gives us greater pleasure than ensuring you and your child get to enjoy that experience!

Don’t let childhood foot problems go unaddressed! We love working with kids and provide experienced, compassionate care for patients of all ages. And the sooner childhood foot problems are identified, the more likely they can be treated successfully with simple, non-invasive procedures.

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