Foot Deformities

Relieve Your Daily Foot Pain

Are your shoes fitting a little differently these days? Do you have difficulty wiggling your toes? Are your toes causing you pain and discomfort? You might be experiencing one of the following, common foot deformities.


Common Conditions

  • bunion is a deformity in your big toe. It often forms over time and resembles a large lump on the side of your foot.
  • Hammertoes are deformities in the second, third, or fourth toe. They get their name because they are bent and resemble the shape of a hammer.
  • tailor’s bunion, or bunionette, is a deformity of the fifth toe.

Although common, both conditions can cause you tremendous discomfort. They can also make finding well-fitting shoes more difficult. Both bunions and hammertoes are caused by a muscle imbalance in your feet. Usually this stems from poorly fitted shoes that do not offer enough support in the right areas. The first step in treating a bunion or hammertoe is to immediately stop wearing unsupportive shoes and instead, find new shoes that will correct the misaligned bones and muscles. The shoes must be soft and allow you enough room to wiggle your toes. These can be found at HFAA!

If a change of shoes does not work, stretching and strengthening the muscles can also help correct the deformity. In extreme cases, you might need surgery.

Bunion Surgery: Realigning Your Big Toe

There are a few types of bunion surgeries available to correct this misalignment.

  • Dr. Lockwood might surgically reposition your toe and move it back to its proper position. This will alleviate any discomfort you’re experiencing as a result of your bunion.
  • Dr. Lockwood might remove part of the bone that is protruding. This includes reshaping the surrounding tendons and ligaments.

Hammertoe Surgery: Restoring Flexibility to Your Smaller Toes

Hammertoe surgery is less common. Most of the time, stretching and moving your toes will offer the relief you need. However, if your toe does not respond to this type of treatment, surgery might be necessary. This involves removing your bone so that your toe can return to the right position.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics may help!  HFAA is a premier seller in custom orthotics.  For more information please refer to our custom orthotics page. We utilize Icon Orthotics!

Is a Bunion or Hammertoe Surgery the Best Option for You?

Don’t let your bunions or hammertoes keep causing you agony. Get relief from HFAA’s Dr. Lockwood. Call (309) 661-9975 to schedule your consultation to see if surgery is the best option for you.

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