What are the Benefits of Laser Therapy

Mar 31, 2022

The medical field has made significant advances in technology, which has led to new and better ways of treating illnesses and conditions. An example is the discovery of MLS laser therapy, which helps with pain management. MLS means Multi Locked System- this is a machine that uses therapy lasers set to wavelengths of 805 to 905 nanometers.

MLS laser therapy can help you heal your feet injuries without pain medication. MLS laser therapy is a good choice for people who want to avoid taking pain medication. It also has other benefits, like helping you recover faster.

What conditions can MLS Laser Therapy Treat?

MLS laser therapy is used to treat injuries acute and chronic conditions affecting the soft tissues in your ankles and feet. This laser therapy promotes faster healing and recovery of wounds, cuts, and fractures. Below are some of the conditions this advanced technology can treat.

What are the Benefits of MLS Therapy?

MLS therapy is a type of laser therapy that provides more healing benefits than other laser treatments. Some of the benefits include:

  • Promoting cell growth and tissue repair. The cells receive energy from the photons of light that stimulate the growth of cellular tissues. This results in faster absorption of nutrients to help in the healing process.
  • Better immune functioning. The energy from the laser light stimulates immunoglobulin and lymphocytes, which are important components in improving the body’s immune system.
  • Improved blood circulation. Blood circulation is important for healing. Oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood flows to your feet, which helps form new capillaries. This process speeds up healing by reducing scar tissues and closing wounds. MLS therapy improves blood circulation by up to 50% in some cases to help the healing process.
  • Increased metabolism. The damaged cells receive energy from MLS therapy, making them healthy. This happens because of the increased blood circulation. The cells will then be able to function properly and grow.
  • Fast healing post-surgery. MLS therapy surgery promotes faster healing, helping you to be back on your feet faster. It also facilitates fast healing of the incisions or surgical site.
  • Effective on a variety of treatments. MLS therapy can treat a wide variety of ailments, as seen above. It accelerates fast healing and recovery after surgery, can heal sprains and strains, and heal wounds and ulcers. It is fully customized to meet all your needs to help heal and recover.
  • MLS therapy has no side effects. This type of therapy is a non-invasive treatment that applies to the outside layer of your skin. That means no side effects at all.
  • A painless procedure. This laser therapy is very painless. You are not subjected to any hot or cold temperatures during treatment. You do not have to worry if you have an implanted device. It is safe to use.
  • Pain relief. It is a reliable treatment method for pain-related conditions with an 85 to 90% efficiency rate for pain relief. The wavelengths stimulate the flow of blood and the lymphatic system, which reduces the swelling in the inflamed area. The laser energy triggers an analgesic effect on the inflamed area, which stops the pain signals from being sent to your brain.

How does it Work?

MLS laser therapy works by releasing energy through its wavelengths of light being applied to damaged cells that have caused inflammation and swelling. The energy released stimulates cell activity, reducing pain and inflammation. This process initiates healing and recovery in such injured areas.

Once at the site of the injury, the energy will stimulate the natural healing processes of the cell. It, in return, promotes healing through accelerating cells rejuvenation, production, and cell growth. Laser therapy also improves blood circulation of oxygen needed for faster healing. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes. It does not generate hot or cold sensations.

MLS laser therapy treats multiple conditions affecting soft tissues like tendons and ligaments. The soft tissues are mostly found in the feet and ankles. The soft tissues can be injured, leading to inflammation. With the application of the laser light integrated into two wavelengths of energy on the inflamed area, the cells respond by relieving pain and reducing the swelling in that area.

Is it Painful?

The procedure of using MLS laser therapy is not painful. Other laser therapy methods are known to emit heat components that may hurt a little or intrusive surgical procedures, but this laser therapy is not.

You may feel a little warm sensation in the treatment area, which is not painful. The sensation is very normal and indicates pain relief to the inflamed area. There is always a positive response from the patients after the first session begins. This means the treatment is working.

What is the Recovery Process Like?

The above benefits indicate how MLS laser therapy promotes faster recovery after treatment. The session lasts less than 15 minutes and can allow you to carry on your daily activities conveniently.

The recovery process is also determined by the kind of condition you are suffering from. We will recommend the number of sessions you will need to take before full recovery and healing. Discipline is key in attending each session for positive results for your conditions.

How Effective is it?

The FDA approves the treatment. It is reported to have an efficacy rate of 85 to 90% in treating swelling and inflammation caused by pain. Response to treatment via MLS laser therapy varies from one patient to another and the number of sessions lined up by our team. Some respond positively from the first session, while others may take time to respond. For successful and effective treatment, attend each session without fail.

Do you have an injury, chronic pain, or a condition causing swelling and inflammation in your feet or ankles? Have you tried all available treatments, but they haven’t worked? It might be time to try MLS laser therapy. Book an appointment today and start your journey to being pain-free.