Diabetic Neuropathy

woman holding her foot because it feels tingly because of neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy (or nerve damage from diabetes) is a condition where diabetic patient’s extremities experience deterioration in nerve function. A gradual loss of feeling in the feet, legs, hands and arms is experienced. The loss of sensation takes away the natural ability for the foot to feel irritation. As a result of unchecked glucose levels, the nerves in the foot are unable to warn the diabetic patient to sense minor injuries leading to an infection.

Neuropathy Complications

Numbness, pain, tingling, feeling of the foot being swollen, and weakness are all symptoms of neuropathy. Minor foot conditions such as blisters, callouses, and cuts are often ignored as a result of the inability to feel and sense pain. Thereby this loss of sensation can develop into foot infections, ulcers, and possibly amputation.
It is imperative that the feet be inspected daily. If a problem is found, it should be addressed by your podiatrist immediately. Diabetic leg and foot problems are the leading reason for diabetes related hospitalizations and diabetes is the leading cause for amputation of the leg and foot.


We have many treatment options to address your neuropathy including our innovative, state of the art laser therapy. If you’re diabetic and feel that you have any of the symptoms of neuropathy, please call our office to make an appointment to help manage the symptoms of neuropathy as well as your routine diabetic foot care!