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by | Mar 3, 2014

In past blogs, I have reviewed the importance of routine Diabetic Foot Care and screenings for patients with diabetes.  Diabetic patients often have damage to the nervous system, which may prevent proper healing, especially in the legs and feet.  A blister or ingrown toenail is usually not a life threatening issue for most people, but for a diabetic it is.

Did you know that the vast majority of toe amputations are performed on a patient with diabetes?  Something as simple as a small nick on the bottom of the foot can cause major issues.  In severe cases, an amputation of a digit may need to take place.

Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates offer Toe Filler Inserts for patients who have lost one or more digits.  Our toe fillers are available for the following amputations:

  • Hallux Amputation (Big Toe):  Toe filler is beneficial to help minimize drifting of the remaining toes and help normalize the patient’s walk or gait.
  • Trans-Metatarsal Amputations (All Toes):  This toe filler prevents creasing of the shoe at the toes and helps prevent the breakdown and eventual collapse of the shoe.  Can also help control the remaining foot inside the shoe and often eliminate the need for a costly custom-made shoe.

Why would you need a Toe Filler Insert?  Diabetic patients with a Lower Extremity Amputation are at a greater risk for subsequent ulceration and amputation.  The rubbing of their feet inside the shoe causes additional risk factors.  By using a Toe Filler Insert, these risk factors decrease exponentially!

Another reason one may require a Toe Filler Insert is due to trauma or an injury.  If a toe is lost in an accident your gait is altered, which can cause pain and discomfort to your entire body.  It can also make it harder to enjoy the lifestyle you once did, including golfing, dancing, or even walking without discomfort.  A Toe Filler Insert can fill this gap and get you back to the lifestyle you want and deserve!

If you are someone you love is in need of a Diabetic Foot Care Screening or Toe Filler Insert, give us a call at (309) 661-9975.


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